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Thank you for visiting the Kingsridge Homeowners’ Assocation website.

If you have questions, comments or want to report a violation, please contact the association at

405-691-3305 or send an email to Kingsridgeinfo@gmail.com


2016 Officers and Board of Directors

President/Stephen Ross     863-5124

Vice President/Roma Clark     691-7144

Secretary/Shiela Gilley     691-3305

Treasurer/Lela Odom     691-3839

Grounds Maintenance/John Weingartner     820-0865

Board Member/Sherilyn Antrim     691-6440

Board Member/Kathy Dorough     615-1337

Board Member/Sharlene Lambring   692-9898

Board Member/Shannon McNamar 205-9519

Board Member/Luther Trent     692-8193