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Covenants & Forms

The Kingsridge Homeowners Association has a legally recorded set of covenants and restrictions that apply to the use and architectural design of all properties in the neighborhood.  The primary purpose of these covenants and restrictions is to maintain a high level of quality properties in the neighborhood.

The Association Bylaws created an Architectural Committee with the responsibility to maintain the quality of the neighborhood by reviewing all improvements to any building, fence, walk, driveway, wall or other structure in the neighborhood.  If a neighbor is interested in making an improvement to any of these items they need to submit a request for approval from the Architectural Committee.  To receive approval a Home-Improvement-Request-Form must be completed.  Once the form is completed it can be mailed to the Association office or hand delivered to the next Board Meeting.  The Architectural Committee will then verify that the improvement is in compliance with the covenants and the signed, completed form will be returned for your records.

There are two sets of covenants for the Kingsridge neighborhood.  The North covenants are for those houses north of S. W. 113th St.  The South covenants are for those houses south of S. W 112th St.  The two sets of covenants were created when the neighborhood was developed in two phases more than ten years apart.  The following attachments provide the covenants and restrictions for each part of the neighborhood.  Please review these before an improvement project is started.

North Covenants
South Covenants